For more than 35 years, Academic Tutoring & Test Prep - through its partnership with families, school districts, national TRiO & GEAR UP programs, and nonprofit education organizations - has leveled the educational playing field and has maximized college and career readiness opportunities for ALL students.

Our students are successful because our education platforms are engaging, interactive, and 100% aligned to each state’s standards. We customize every program, whether in-person or online, to the specific needs of each student, school, and program. Our tutors and presenters are exclusively based in the United States, and our materials, both in-print and online, are proven and research-based. They are the best-selling and preferred test prep materials in the nation.

Whether you’re seeking tutoring to earn higher grades, professional developments for teachers, workshops/bootcamps for students, test prep courses, data driven adaptive supplemental skills tutoring, financial literacy, college survival skills, or even study skills courses, Academic Tutoring & Test Prep is the perfect match for your needs!

We’d love to collaborate with you and, together, create a truly EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE solution that produces true success.


It’s Time to Help Your Students Catch Up, Keep Up, and Jump Ahead!

We are constantly evolving to create the most effective programs that solve real world issues and that deliver consistent results every time.