Top Ten Reasons Why Parents Choose Academic Tutoring Centers?

  1. Over 25 years of experience in education and tutoring
  2. Experts in individual learning styles and learning differences
  3. Each student is an individual with unique needs
  4. We know your child can and will succeed
  5. Highly experienced, caring tutors
  6. We are owned by a real educator who cares; we are NOT a franchise
  7. NO contracts to sign – ever
  8. NO enrollment fees – ever
  9. NO diagnostic fees – ever
  10. Results you can count on


Top Ten Reasons Schools and Districts Choose Academic Tutoring?

  1. ACT, SAT, and PSAT materials that truly reflect the test
  2. Textbooks and Online programs that are easy to use for both students and teachers
  3. Results! (3 – 5 point ACT gains and 100 – 200 point SAT gains)
  4. Professional Development that resonates with and excites your teachers
  5. Proven methods that take the mystery out of test prep and that get results
  6. Full-length retired tests for accurate diagnostic teaching
  7. Score reports that are easy to read and understandable – the best in the industry
  8. Test Prep Boot Camps that energize your students and that get results
  9. Affordable prices ensure that all students have access to test prep
  10. A dedicated representative assigned to each school