ACT Success for Barrington High School students:

Dear Barrington High School Parent,

Next to a student’s grade point average, their performance on their college entrance exam is the single most important factor determining college admission and scholarship awards. Academic Tutoring & Test Prep has provided outstanding test prep services to students in our area for over 30 years! Our success rate is amazing: 97% of our students increase their scores. Our test prep programs have won praise from school administrators, parents, and, best of all, from students. ACT Success is effective because it motivates students to do their best and because it provides each student with the skills needed for success on the ACT and beyond.

Please review the details of the ACT SUCCESS prep course offered online to students of Barrington High School and register as soon as possible. Please be aware that classes fill very quickly.

3-5 ACT points!

ACT Success works!

Average ACT Improvement: 3-5 points!

  • Learn the EXACT strategies needed for success
  • Review the EXACT material tested
  • Master the test one step at a time

Program Length: This is a 15 hour course. Each session is 2.5 hours.

Test Date: Will your Junior be taking the ACT on June 10th, 2023?

ONLINE ACT Test Prep Course registration is open through May 12th, 2023

This accelerated Course for ACT Test Prep is still available

Ready to Register?

Get Prepared

You’ll need to the have the following information about your students:

  • GPA
  • Current Math Class
  • Previous PSAT/SAT/ACT scores (if available)

NOTE: Assigned homework must be completed by the next session. Attendance at all sessions is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. There are no make up sessions. In the event a student must miss a class, they can “self-study” using the posted class notes.

Looking for SAT and/or ACT Prep in a One-on-One Setting?

In addition to ACT Success classes for Barrington students, Academic Tutoring & Test Prep offers One-on-One prep for either the SAT or ACT. If you’d like to learn more of the tutoring offerings of Academic Tutoring & Test Prep please contact our office.