Integrated ACT Prep Based on Common Core and College Readiness

When working directly with a school’s faculty for ACT test prep, our approach is unique: we believe in re-training your already talented faculty in order to align your existing curriculum to state standards and common core skills. Classroom teachers are not typically trained in effective ACT test taking strategies; we can remedy that.  We re-train your teachers, giving them the tools for success.  In the end, everyone wins: students learn needed skills while raising their scores; teachers maintain their current curriculum with newly learned ACT testing strategies and skills; and administrators know they have provided their schools with the very best in ACT preparation.


  • Expertly led professional development
  • Seamless integration with existing curriculum
  • Custom-made Lesson Plans
  • Outstanding teacher and student materials
  • Optional pre and post assessments
  • Increased skills and ACT test scores
  • A highly effective and highly affordable remedy for improving ACT test scores
School Administrators should contact: Jim Giovannini Phone: 847-823-5300 Email Jim