Dear Tutor Doctor Partner,

Because now, more than ever, your Tutor Doctor franchise is truly needed in your community, I have some amazing news for you.

Academic Tutoring has been providing its ACT SUCCESS and SAT SUCCESS programs to TD owners since 2013 and I want to say thank you. As the nation’s bestselling test prep author and a leading expert in the field for the last thirty years, my passion is education. Today, we work with families and school districts, both in-person and virtually, from coast to coast; we serve tens of thousands of students annually. This success has led to innovation and economies of scale that I would now like to pass on to you, the Tutor Doctor Franchisee. I want to add my 30 years of experience to your business.

We are now making our test scoring system, EXCELSIOR TEST SCORING™, for ACT and SAT exams FREE for Tutor Doctor Owners who partner with us!


We are now including ACT SUCCESS ONLINE™ and/or SAT SUCCESS ONLINE™ access for each of your students when you partner with us!


  • Get instant access to real ACT and SAT exams, published by ACT and College Board. Use them as pre-tests, mid-term tests, and post-tests. Your students can take these exams and get their results instantaneously. (unlimited access, 24/7, no scheduling necessary). Once you or your students input answer choices into Excelsior™ you will immediately receive detailed results that you can print and share with your tutors and families.
  • Go beyond just getting an ACT or SAT score. Impress your clients (families) with Tutor Doctor branded, industry-leading, detailed reports that include a student dashboard, an overview of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, strategy suggestions based on a students’ score, and a detailed item analysis that helps identify the specific skills a student needs to work on.


  • Enhance your one-to-one tutoring with the Tutor Doctor branded online test prep program used by school districts across the country! Your tutors and students can log in together via Zoom or any other platform to conduct virtual tutoring, or they can use it during in-home tutoring as well.
  • The online programs include hundreds of strategy videos and thousands of problems to enhance tutoring. It also includes interactive knowledge checks, skill-builders, practice quizzes, and full-length exams.

Our improved pricing structure below is designed to maximize your profit margin.


  • Getting Started Package: This is a one-time purchase for new franchisees or for established franchisees switching from other test prep vendors.

    Equip your business with teacher training manuals & videos, student and teacher lesson plans, teacher guides, explained explanations, 3 Tutor Doctor branded ACT or SAT SUCCESS textbooks, 3 branded ACT or SAT SUCCESS ONLINE test prep logins with access to thousands of questions & 100s of instructional videos, and free EXCELSIOR TEST SCORING™.

    COST: only $95! (S&H additional) - This is an entire, industry-leading, test prep solution for your business for only $95. Make the clearer choice and the prep you deserve by partnering with Academic Tutoring now! We are so much more than just textbooks.

  • Student Package: Once you are an established partner, or if you already are, this is what you will purchase for each student.

    This Student Package Includes a Tutor Doctor branded student ACT or SAT SUCCESS textbook and a student login to the branded ACT or SAT SUCCESS ONLINE prep program.

    COST: only $55 per student! (S&H additional) We want to make sure that a pandemic never interrupts your business again by providing you and your students with the best of both worlds: physical books for in-person tutoring and an entire virtual course for those times when face-to-face tutoring isn’t possible.


Contact us now to PURCHASE or to schedule a DEMO! Please contact our Office Manager, Brenda Burger, at (847) 461-9325 or email us at to get started today.

Whether you already partner with us or if you happen to be using some other vendor’s prep program, now is the time to take your franchise to the next level by working with the leader in Test Prep, Academic Tutoring! Let us provide your franchise with everything it needs to be a successful, profitable test prep juggernaut – all in one simple, affordable, and effective solution.


Jim Giovannini