About Us

Education is the great equalizer.

For over 30 years, Academic Tutoring & Test Prep - through its work with local families, school districts, national TRiO & GEAR UP programs, and nonprofit education organizations - has leveled the playing field and opened doors for all students. We work with students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Jim Giovannini, an educator for more than thirty years, is the owner and founder of Academic Tutoring & Test Prep and a best-selling author with Barron’s Educational Series. Nationally recognized and sought after as a leading expert in SAT and ACT test preparation, Mr. Giovannini and his company have successfully served over one million students. His passion is to bring the promise of a college education and life-long success to every student.

Academic Tutoring & Test Prep’s core belief is that it is imperative that ALL students receive the educational opportunities needed for success in life. When students have access to quality education, they learn to make the world a better place.

We encourage you to reach out and explore the myriad of ways Academic Tutoring & Test Prep can help your students achieve their dreams.