Education is More Than Academics

Students at all grade levels need more than what is taught in school. Personal enrichment, soft skills, and confidence are just as important as solid reading and math skills. Through our unique, entertaining, and interactive workshops, delivered in-person or virtually, students gain skills that result in lifelong success.

Financial Literacy Workshop
To be successful in life, it is imperative that students of all ages understand how money works and how to build generational wealth. This interactive workshop centers on budgeting, saving, banking, loans, taxes, and investing.


Study Skills Program
Flexible thinking, cognitive organization, and time management are imperative for success both in and out of the classroom. This workshop builds student confidence creating learners capable of true success.

Executive Functioning & Study Skills

College Survival Program
College can be daunting – for reasons beyond the academic rigor. This interactive workshop includes 50 college and life hacks that make college survival a breeze.

College Survival Skills

Life Coaching Program
Achieving goals & dreams requires building positive habits, setting goals, & improving day-to-day life. Our highly-effective and motivational life coaching workshops make student goals and dreams a reality.


Workforce Development Program
Exploring careers & developing skills so that young employees “play well in the sandbox” are imperative for lifelong success. This workshop focuses on work ethic, leadership, communication, & problem-solving.

Workforce Development