ACT Success helps Teachers, Tutors, and Students Succeed

Our ACT Success program, utilized by schools and tutoring companies nationwide, is specifically designed to produce consistent results every time. Students who complete an ACT Success program typically achieve between a 3 – 5 point composite score increase—with many scoring even higher.

The ACT Success textbook is designed for success. The book reinforces the exact skills tested on the ACT and provides students and teachers with the exact strategies, techniques, hints, tricks, and tips for total success. For schools and tutoring centers who use our material, our companion ACT Success Teacher’s Guide (in pdf) provides full answer explanations and comprehensive, easy to follow lesson plans for all score ranges and program lengths.

We use only real, retired ACT tests as our assessment tools, providing both teacher and students with goal setting benchmark scores. Our reports feature each school’s or tutoring company’s logo and contact information.

Our training and professional development has won praise from every school and tutoring business we have ever worked with. In only a few hours we promise to train teachers, tutors, and business owners to become ACT Success experts.

We also partner with schools, offering both after-school ACT test preparation courses and full professional development. This allows your faculty to effectively and seamlessly integrate ACT test prep into their classrooms, without sacrificing time on lessons for mandated curriculum coverage.

For more information or to start using ACT Success to change the future for your students, your school, or your business, call or email:

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