Frequently Asked Questions About Test Preparation

How important are reading questions?
Very important because reading skills affect all areas of the ACT.  Our experienced tutors guide each student through the test, enhancing comprehension skills and demystifying the questions.  Our students not only use these effective reading strategies on the test but in the classroom as well.

Is learning how to “pace” important on the ACT?
Yes.  One of the most difficult skills to master on the ACT is completing the exam on time.  After completing ACT test preparation with us, every student WILL have exact pacing strategies designed to maximize their score.

Will a few more points really make a difference?
Yes!  Many schools offer scholarship money based on ACT test scores.  Raising a score by a few points can lead to scholarships worth thousands of dollars.

What can I do about test anxiety?
Taking college entrance exams can be stressful.  Our goal is to remove anxiety by giving students the skills to approach the test with confidence and making them comfortable with a variety of questions so that they are prepared for the actual test.

Do you have a special program for students with learning challenges?
Yes.  For students with learning challenges, standardized college entrance exams can seem like a roadblock on their journey to the school of their choice.  Academic Tutoring Centers is known for its work in preparing students with learning challenges for college entrance exams.

Our staff includes teachers with special training who are able to help students maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, so they are able to conquer the test with the same confidence and control as their peers. We are proud that our students with learning challenges have been accepted into many fine colleges and universities.