High School Students


Our program starts with a personal conversation. We want to hear from you, the parent, about what you feel are your child’s strengths and opportunities for growth.  After learning about your child’s academic history, we will develop the appropriate 1 to 1 tutoring program based on your student’s needs.

Mastering skills and earning high grades is important for high school students as they prepare for college. We work with all levels of high school students, from those who are struggling to those who just need a little extra help to earn an “A” on their report card.

Our individualized program is customized for your child based on classroom curriculum, homework assignments, projects, and tests.  Our instructors collaborate with students to improve their study skills, organizational efficiency, and time management while building their self-esteem through positive reinforcement.

Tutors focus on developing strategies which allow students to become independent learners.  Tutoring is provided in all subject areas including Math at all levels, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and History.

Our high school 1 to 1 tutoring helps students successfully transition to college, university, vocation, and career.

I was a little nervous about how hard my college classes were going to be. I am a freshman at the University of Indiana and doing so well thanks to the methods I learned and the confidence I gained working with my tutor at Academic Tutoring.
– Elliot R.